Rotary Hoes


  • Dry out wet soil
  • Rip out weeds with durable hoe wheels that enter at almost 90º, come out at an angle to target weed root systems
  • Aerate the soil
  • Incorporate chemicals and seed
  • Avoid rocks and other obstructions while each arm independently follows the contour of the soil with spring-cushioned cast wheel arm with its own cast arm.
  • Cover more acres with an arm designed for speed
    ...all with the rotary hoe!


  • Gauge wheels to maintain toolbar height
  • Trash guards to clear both residue and clods while preventing the wheels from locking or digging
  • Helper springs to increase the down pressure by 50% to crack extra hard, crusted soil.

12 Row - 30" Ridge/Strip Till Rotary Hoe

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